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  1. Top 5 Games like Astroneer Introduction: Astroneer is a great Action-Adventure, Sandbox, and Simulation which is made by System Era Softworks. This game is held in a great environment, and you are tasked with building these different structures, mining rare resources and colonizing many different planets. Your character can create your own storyline by building a world that you want. With an open game world and a third-person view, you can manipulate procedurally generated this environment either on foot or by these spacecraft and lunar rover. Try to create multiple vehicles, cool spacecraft modules, and awesome oxygen reserve tanks by using the game’s crafting features. You can even convert ice into the fuel for your spacecraft. While playing the game, you can explore many things, drive cool vehicles and build your colonies to survive as long as you can! Astroneer Next step, keep reading for our list of great games like Astronee. All are quality games, don’t miss them! Discover More: http://www.scoop.it/t/games-like-finder/p/4101673156/2018/09/17/top-10-best-games-like-civilization-you-shouldn-t-miss Creativerse The first game in our list of games like Astronee is Creativerse. This is a Sandbox Survival game. In this game, you play from the first-person view and this game will take you to a random world of blocks where you can interact with fauna and flora, gather some resources to craft useful items and then construct your structures. Creativerse offers both Single-player and Multiplayer modes, so you can construct your own structure like Minecraft by using the blocks. During the game, you need to coop with other online players then generate your private landscapes. Also, this game introduces developing world features which offer day/night cycle, temperature, weather, liquids, and many different materials along with beautiful open game world. Find out these secrets and engage yourself in combat, mining, crafting as well as building experience. Try it! Creativerse CraftWorld Next, I want to introduce CraftWorld to you. From the first-person view, this building and crafting based game offers its players hours of addictive gameplay. The game is set in CraftWorld - a cool universe where you can create and craft everything you want. Generate different weapons, tunnels, buildings, dungeons, chambers, or forests. Craft and modify these weapons with rare materials you collect throughout your adventure. Travel through many different locations, defeat hideous creatures, and try to kill these tough bosses. Find it boring to play a game without any tasks and storylines? Just try this game and you will change your mind! CraftWorld LEGO Worlds The third game in this Top 5 games like Astronee is LEGO Worlds. Published by Warner Bros, LEGO Worlds is a Building, Single-player and Multiplayer Sandbox video game. This game allows its players to construct many buildings in a cool 3D random world. In this game, you can build many different constructions using the Lego bricks and then get your rewards for these creations. In the beginning, you need to manipulate the game world to collect the objects spread across these maps using studs - the game currency. Besides, you can unleash your creativity and build anything you imagine. There are many different characters, and you are allowed to select a favorite one to jump into this game world. Modify the terrain and environment by using the game’s landscaping tools, craft cool vehicles, and more. Just enjoy the game! LEGO Worlds Find more info: 10 amazingly addictive games like Dragon Age you can't miss OpenClonk The 4th game in this post is OpenClonk. It is an Open Source, Single-player and Multiplayer Action game which created by OpenClonk Developers. This game will put you in control of clonks - these small humanoid beings. The game brings fast-paced melees, mining, and tactics elements. It has been considered as the perfect combination of Worms, The Settlers, Lemmings, and Minecraft. Clonks are key characters and they can perform many tasks ranging from using the hammer to construct a cool shelter to these flying airships, mining gold to throwing dangerous dynamite, and more. In this game, you have to command these humanoid beings through many different levels, try to take down the opponents and build your beautiful village to earn experience points. Done remember, you have to battle against other online players in small fights. Good luck! OpenClonk Portal Knights The last game in our list of games like Astronee is Portal Knights. Developed by Keen Games, this is an awesome Action Role, Survive, and Building game like Minecraft, with both Single-player and Multiplayer modes. The game is set in a cool sandbox environment and allows you to freely explore this game world as well as collect useful resources to construct your structures while engaging in battles against the enemies to get. You can craft multiple useful items like swords, axes, and rare tools to smash the game’s objects like the Minecraft game. And you have to fight against the monsters, create some elaborate construction as well as weapons along with your armors. In Single-player mode, you navigate the game world on your way. In Multiplayer mode, you can explore and combat with up to four online friends at the same time. Portal Knights Final Verdict: This is a chance for you to enjoy our list of games like Astronee. In addition, if it is not enough, let’s head to coolgameslike.com to find out more game information. Reference : https://coolgameslike.com/adventure/
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