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  1. Many thanks to you Angen, Nescio and Stanislas69 who replied so quickly. I did as indicated and it did the trick! For my personal taste I used factor 2 for the gui.scale. Would be great indeed having these features somewhere. I was expecting to find it under settings.options.graphics in main menu window, but I am just a casual gamer and other place might fit better. In the meantime, having this information under FAQ would certainly help. Thanks again. Gonna play and test it further now. Cheers, Roberto PS FYI forgot to mention that I use Ubuntu as operating system.
  2. How to define the video mode screen resolution? Just downloaded 0 A.D. on a DELL XPS 13 with high resolution screen 3840x2160. Seems that default fonts and menu are setup for 1024x768 and are too small in 4K resolution. Roberto
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