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  1. the problem im having is theres no folders called 0ad/mod in library/application support i can try to create those files but the mods still don't show in the game (even when changing master fgod file name to fgod). i don't mind waiting at all, can you let us know when the fix is available? thanks a ton guys! love the game!
  2. sorry im completely new to mods, "change the folder" change it to WHAT? theres no files names i get to library/application support/ then no 0ad or mods folders OSX: ~/Library/Application´╗┐ Support/0ad/mods/
  3. i am having the same problem on mac osx. high sierra 10.13.4 i downloaded the fgod mod. but can't get the file to pop up in the game under mods. when i drag it over the 0.A.D icon it doesn't do anything. when i looked for the files library/application/support etc there is nothing for OAD to put it in i can't find them. i tried the terminal and it did stuff but its not showing up in the game menu under mods. any help?
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