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  1. Thanks stanislas69 for your reply. 1. I hope i understand this correctly. I need one file for the mesh and rig (e.g. MyUnit.dae). And I need seperate animation files (e.g. MyUnit_idle, MyUnit_walk, MyUnit_death etc..? If so...Does the mesh needs to be in T-pose? Do the names need to be exactly the same? 2. I would love to get some help with this, as I have never done this. About your tool, that would be a lot easier. Are you willing the share this tool and explain how it works? 3. Woww that's a lot, great! 4. Specific UV maps? Well I think i have those... Couple oth
  2. Hello, I have a few questions on how to import custom models and animations into Oad. First of all, do the actual mesh and animation need to be seperate .dae files? Or can the be combined into one .dae file? How does the engine read those? 2. Can the engine support custom bone riggs? They don't have to be standard in-game riggs? 3. Is there a poly/verts limit and a animation frame length limit? 4. Wich texture maps are supported besides diffuse maps? (E.g. specular/emissive/bump-maps/mask... 5. If question 1&2 can be accomplished, how would I implement them in
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