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  1. @dmzerocold I am a translator. I can write to coordinator about that.
  2. @stanislas69 Ok! So I will ask some offtopic to thread How to edit text on Transifex with grammar errors, that was reviewed? Is there any procedure for this case?
  3. @s0600204 yes, there are some more. But I am not sure, that this is the same case. I can show it on the screens. Strings with red arrows seems like similar problem, but strings with green arrows don't even exist on Transifex in English. I've looked into every resource folder, but it looks like there are no any View Online and Decline strings at all!
  4. Thanks! Should I search for other skipped translates and describe them here, or editing that JS file solved the problem completely?
  5. I am testing RC version of 0 A.D. A23b released 2018-12-09 for Windows and found, that some translation strings didn't apply to the release text in the game. I looked into Misc.GUI in Transifex for this and I found, that translations were made 2 years ago! So it's old enough to be released, but it is skipped for some reason. There are more strings like this, and I don't know what the problem is. Any ideas how to solve the issue?
  6. I have issue with hovering mouse cursor over campaign button. This problem exists only with two languages such as Bahasa Melayu and Ukrainian. This issue did not exist in A22.
  7. @fcxSanya, thanks for the answer and sorry for duplication of the ticket.
  8. There are problems with displaying "Structure Tree" tables of Athenians, Mauryans and Persians. Some of the elements overlap each other.
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