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  1. The map file if you feel like looking into this any further. > Map
  2. Sure. Isnt hard to replicate with the current elevations; adding a building that increase your borders usually lead to it when passing over pointy terrain. Here is one example: The collision between the tower and fort borders shaped over the uneven terrain made it bug, i guess.
  3. You mean in the /public code? Or the elevations? By the code, i didnt changed anything, just used the Atlas as it is. About the elevations, well, i can post them without any buildings so you could have a idea of the mess Added new icons for the bug and translate buttons. ^^ Oh, and sure, i can give a go with a bit more warmish tone for the stone lightning
  4. Oh yea, im with you one this one, think its around the very philosophy of 0AD to work on most plataforms and their various rigs. What i mean is, before i reshape this or even scratch a new concept i wanna be done with this one first, regardless of how i would implement it. Tbh the last concept made it a bit too complex, i feel like this is getting beyond my ability to code it, haha.
  5. I see what you mean. So isnt a matter of rescaling but keeping it tight to 1024. Thats surely a challenge for the current design, the only way it would work would be to remove the portrait radial from middle and put it on the right side and redraw the minimap concept. I kinda tempts me to experiment with it but i wanna make this one something near consistent so i can move on.
  6. Hehe, this was happening since i couldnt find an option to override X, Y and Z values on the Atlas object panel. So i had to manually make the ground elevations inside some structures to set the height right. That can cause some elevation differences wich lead to this bug. What you mean by palette?
  7. Yea, this was constantly bugging me even on 1080x. I like the idea of leaving it on the top bar but it should be a overlayed frame centered in the top left corner zone imo. I didnt touched the top bar and its concept yet but i may look into this.
  8. True, there is no point on implementing this if it cant support native 4:3 resolutions. Would act as a mod for those who want it but it will never make it to the main build. Actually my earlier design took this into consideration, since i left half screen alone for scretching and cropping, but since we added the left bar now were locked up on 16:10 logic. Ill give some thought about the options we have here before going deeper with this. Nonetheless, heres the last iteration with some of WowGetOff additions.
  9. Lol i could handle the hoplites, im more worried about the might ox they brought to the siege. Who need rams anyway. XD
  10. Tbh i like the logo as it is, i just think the letters are too spread , and the dots are a little too proeminent. Also the bevel in the 0 cross seems a bit too obvious.
  11. Yea, thanks for pointing out about resolutions. I mocked up considering only 16:9 and my own res, so.
  12. Wow, thats some amazing feedback, man, this is awsome. Thanks a lot for putting so much detail and depth on this! 1. These buttons are unit actions, so should go with the buttons [2] around the unit portrait [3]. True, i did tried to fit then on, but i couldnt find a way to attach them without making it too crumpy (as if wasnt crumpy already lol). But maybe i can do a sub radial inside the first one. 2. I think these should be centered over the top arrowhead. If [9] can be extended a few pixels leftward, then the additional buttons at 1 can be placed radially around the portrait. Ini
  13. Haha, i got a bit carried away... xD Think its a good idea to add some blur for the paralax interations imo ^^ Uh, i just used the minimap asset to draw the portrait radials. I have to make them more runeish, but then, i couldnt use it in other civs, so i decided to go with it since its generic for many civs. Thanks man
  14. Heres my 2 cents with the main screen:
  15. Nice, thanks man! Hmm, by your description so i need a public folder, not just the extracted art inside data.. thats why nothing was changing ingame .. lol Updated it with a selection mockup and its various mini icons. Good catch on that, WowGetOff o/
  16. Just photoshop so far, thou i found the file structure and started to get how the UI works, maybe in the future.. The drakkar would be a placeholder, the idea was to overlay it with a themed civ detail in every setup. The cultural name is great as it is in the game atm, but i think it should be smaller and less relevant then the generic name, not the contrary. Aligning the HP bars sounds wise aswell. im giving some touches on it, ill get with something new
  17. Oh awsome, ill give a look into it. Tbh, what i meant is that im more of a artist then coder, but i can dig into basic XML. This looks to run under something similar enough to BFME2 and SAGE engine so i may have a little experience on it. Would be great if someone gets interested on it and aggregate it in a current project thou
  18. Hayo 0AD! Here is a scrap for a not very simple UI. Adapted it from some previous design made for AOE3. Sadly for now i have no idea how to implement this, so its pretty much eye candy. (Feels like this would fit well for 1000 AD thou). Any critizing and opinions are welcome!
  19. Oh awsome! I gone straight for norse-like civilizations when i started playing so i totally must check out your mods. I didnt got any mods yet, no idea whats the mainstream content going around. Also im kinda interested to know where the UI interface files are stored, so i can start sketching some UI mods and make civilization-custom UI overlays. Ive been doing that for BFME2 and AOE3 for a while, so... Any follow up with that would greatly appreciated. Nonetheless, ty all!
  20. Updated with a new map in a minor scale, city of Tordheim! AI dug out this one with ease, Very Hard was spamming legions of death agaisnt it.
  21. Hello there, 0.AD folks! Recently, ive discovered 0AD and its marvelous scenario editor, and ive playing with elevations for a while. I have a passion for drafting mountain forts so i gave a try with the Britons in a Alpine setup. After some testing AI seemed to finally find a way and storm the site, so it became a slightly fun map to play with I wanted to bring the feeling of a crowded city in the Scandinavian fjords Started using the Acropolis as base to it. The Aerie : Temple in the Mountain MAP FILES > DOWNLOAD (Skirmish map files usually go under Documents\My G
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