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  1. Honestly, auto game banning is a lame approach, IMO. IF anything is deemed as needed for these situations, I would vote for a premature game exit counter with auto time attrition that counts down back to zero. Then a group of people can elect to drop that node if they would like to. Good or bad, my opinion. /E
  2. In my experience, quite often when draining a resource with a storehouse relatively nearby, the gatherers still elect to go to a different drop point, that is closer by line-of-flight but ends up being longer because of the route actually needed to get there (e.g. when a gate is locked, a different gate has to be used). It would be neat if it took into account actual-path in addition to closest drop-off location. If I am totally barking up the wrong tree or there is already a thread for it, I do apologize ahead of time. Thank you. /E.
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