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  1. Thanks, and Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully this one would be a really good one... ahh, the hopes
  2. Maybe I am a little out of date, so feel free to update me. How is it that you got a piece of the Berlin Wall in Nova Scotia?
  3. Hmm, in that case I don't know. I assume you have the latest drivers?
  4. Laser? Which printer? I have a Lexmark E234. Whether I was printing hundreds of PPT slides or just one page, my printer used to do the same thing in BOTH Windows and Linux. New drivers eventually fixed that in windows only.
  5. Consider this: When EA pulled the plug on the demo servers for BF2, some people chose to keep their servers running exclusively for the demo version. This is an example of the community investing resources. I am certain that if WFG will not create something like a match-making service (a central/master server), the community would.
  6. AOE2 (AOK) was one of the greatest games in history. Definitely in my top 5 of all time. But that's just me
  7. A friend of mine send me this, I couldn't resist sharing. Hehe, awesome!
  8. "Ross Shoved this up his @#$%" I laughed so hard at that!
  9. Through a friend. Funny thing is, I can't remember who it was (may have been Matei, may have been someone else).
  10. Here here now... this is 0 A.D. not "Duke Nukem Forever".
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