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  1. Well yes, this topic is useless, now. Since this question has been answered already, if I am right. This topic is also more than one year old so you could expect that, someone would have answered the question which this topic was all about...
  2. Yarr, long time since looked this topic! Old pc is full of viruses so I couldnt do enything but now Iv'e got a new pc (Sorry for off topic)
  3. (sorry for this off topic message)So I want to ask is this ati radeon 1250 a good videocard?I have read about it but I dont know much about these videocards so I thought that I would ask it here. So would mostly the new games work with this videocard?
  4. Do you know when in next year it would be released?summer,winter,autumn?
  5. well sorry for that and i do speak finnish.
  6. yeah i know that thing too.it was in some video or something.
  7. hmm. i wonder what the idea is?or will we see the idea?or has it gone?
  8. will there be eny skirmish thing or something.and will there be a campaing mod?
  9. so quite here!where is everybody again?
  10. i understand.about 6 months ago i tried to do a mod for mount&blade.downloaded the programs that i needed.but then i thought that im not that good that i could do a mod.didnt know how do them.and i thought that my computer wasnt enough to do those mods. but im happy that i can make music whith computer.i have made several songs.techno most.so now i just play games and mods.
  11. id help you if i could.but i cant because i dont know enything about making games or moddeling and that stuff. so its better let you do the game as you know what you are doing.
  12. hmm its good to know.I do understand that the developers have other things than this game.and its okay.Im not even expecting to hear that every one in there are working 24/7 to make this game come sooner ready.I do spent alot of time with computer.My mom doesnt like it.i have to tell him that there isnt enything to do alone.i live about 20km from city,all my friends live in the city and they wont come here everyday. i have 4 sisters and i think they dont like enything i like -.- so i do something with the computer,some times i try to do modelling,some times i make music,some times i listen music or some times just going to the internet.
  13. im asking this again?how much is the game finnised?will wee see a alpha or a beta?(dont remember which is first)soon?if we will,when?1month?years?weeks?
  14. im so bored.Ive been searching for a good mmorpg and a good stragedy game but nothing.i didnt find eny better game than this.this is the BEST free game.im not saying that this is a bad game.this is maybe one of the best games that i have seen but not yet played.because i havent played this yet still wanting to play this.i cant just wait until the game is released.i hope it wouldnt be too long time to wait.
  15. thanks but still, i hope this game would be finished soon.but i know it will be done when its done.but still...maybe i have to just think(use the hope general!use the hope....)
  16. yay! i wonder how long we have to still wait. (i mean that will it still take like 2years?) and im too waiting that this game would be released.this seems so COOL . ill play whit the hellenes faction first they have the best spearmen.and one thing. SPARTAN HOPLITES RULE
  17. hmm so quite here! where is ecerybody?
  18. yay i wonder what idea it will be. but still im waiting that the beta or the alpha(i dont remember which comes first)would soon come out. (this doesnt relate to A.D.-->)I think that the empire earth games are good games.i just dont think that the game is focused on every century.example if you would play medival time in empire earth and then play a medival game like stronghold.i think its not the same thing. thats my opinion whats yours?
  19. soon my summer holiday is over and I hoped that the game would have come already to beta stage.
  20. im still hoping that they would soon choose the testers even though i found this site soon a month ago. i wouldnt mind if i wouldnt be choosen. id like just to know what other people thinked about this game after testing
  21. me two . they are lucky who gets to be choosen hope they choose them soon
  22. ok! but are the eny hopes that the alpha would be released this summer?
  23. i wondered that how much is the game finnised? soon 50%? and i wondered that will the game work on my computer because i have a windows 2000 professional? and i hope that the alpha will be released soon or is it soon completely finnised?
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