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  1. I think there are different logics to look at this point: I agree with most of you, that realism is something a lot of games miss and that this game is a beauty in its own sense. I see it from a gamers point of view, who likes to maybe play a game competitively and my concern is coming out of that corner. At some point, the graphics are not so important anymore, it's the gameplay which will be key when you play like that. I also see it from the point of an observerfriendly experience. Most games I personnaly like to play, are also games which are nice to spectate, to watch replays and streams; if you don't recognize the units easily, it becomes quite hard on the eye. But I really understand the points you made :).
  2. Ok, but is the zooming in and out really a good feature for a fluid gameplay experience? I mean, i would even prefer a fixed camera, even if it forces everyone to play more zoomed in. Because playing zoomed out is really good to overview, but for microing it's really bad.
  3. I don't really know what you mean by "some players use interface" ? I think most players use it, no? And what do you mean with the formations full implemented? You mean that I will recognize different unit types based on their respective formation?
  4. Hey there, First post for me on this forums. What I immediately noticed is that the different units are hard to visualize (maybe it is done on purpose), but from a user friendliness point of view, I think it could help, especially new players to see and understand more, what is going on on the screen. It would also give more value to the different unit types. When you look at AoE 2 (not to mention other RTS games like Starcraft, Warcraft, etc.), you see very clearly what is which unit, which is also due to the 2D graphics. Another point I like to make is the player coulours are hard to see on units, which is also not very good to visualize what is happening. Kind Regards, Ben
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