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  1. This is my model of the Hagia Sophia, a medieval greek building, not too recent, you wouldn't know of it /hipster ^^
  2. Hm, how about the palace of tetrarch Galerius? ^^ Modelling it (for a city set in some other game) and surrounding area in roman/byzantine Thessalonike: Concept art was:
  3. The temple at Poseidonia is certainly not small, though
  4. Making sure it is as little work as possible ( ) and keeping what of the textures i could, do you think the above is passable?
  5. Hm, quickest for me (assuming the model doesn't change massively) would be to make the columns a little smaller so as to allow for 7-4. Meant as a macedonian/hellenistic small temple. Eg the following is the concept:
  6. Ok, some notes: -textures are very nice. Model is nice too (though some -imo; i am not a professional modeller though - strange/idiosynchratic face splitting there). -only real issue is that the modeller has split his model to 2 parts (third part being simple, and has only a stone texture) which have a chaotic arrangement of texture uv-mapped, which means i'd have to re-arrange the file to work with what modelled bits already exist - or, alternatively, as i did for the time being, just use parts which have fixed mapped texture. Something i did not like is that there is room only for 6 columns to the side, when you have 4 in front. Afaik the usual would be 7 to the side when you have 4 infront, and some pics of small hellenistic era temples have that setting. The following has 6x4 (due to the uv map work i avoided ). Nothing else changed; just took out some wall parts, moved the walled room to the back, took out two secondary columns and added 8 to the sides: How different can the model end up looking? Does it have to use the current texture? How larger/smaller can it become? Taller/shorter?
  7. Ok! I will have a look and see what i can do
  8. ^Hm, does anyone have the blender (or compatible; iirc blender can import DAE?) file of one of them, so I can just change stuff using a model i know already works?
  9. Ok, but any type of building in particular? Are temples needed, or bouleyteria, or theatres or walls or something else? I'd also need to know what the largest size in-game is, and also what the practical size where a building still has to look good is (cause modelling in a full 3d game creates issues which most people try to combat with skins, but i am a bit OCD and model-oriented ) Anyway, the temple of the Athena Polias (Athena of the Polis) is also placed now:
  10. ^Then I suppose it will be far easier to model some sole other building, and uv-map it from the start Any particular building in mind? (as long as it is reasonably greek)
  11. Hi I could try to turn it into a 0AD building, but I'd need some information on how to do that I am fairly capable of doing so if it is similar to turning a model into a CivIV or similar games building, ie with niftools or something like that (?). Textures may be an issue, given currently this is not uv-mapped, and I am not aware of 0AD texture conventions or anything else needed there (eg player colours?) I can do some animation, though nothing very flashy. But minor movements I can do, yes
  12. While this is my first post, I have some experience with Blender, and currently I am creating part of the city of Priene. It was the polis of Bias, one of the seven sages of ancient Greece Concept art I am using is (mostly) this one: Current state of the polis is the following:
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