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  1. I attach here one of my v22-replays created on ubuntu. Please, can someone opload these files on a windows v22 version to make sure the files are ok. If the files can be replayd I will know that my windows 7 has a problem ... a problem like this would be nothing special on older windows versions, but on windows 7 I didnt have a problem like this yet. 2018-02-08_0001.rar
  2. Yes of course one can chose the installation folder in windows. I tried several places as User (proposed User-Folder, standard programs-folder, data-partition) and I also tried it in the admin-account but I got always the same error message. But is that really 100% the same engine in Ubuntu vs. Windows? Are'nt there any specific OS updates? As I said, my replays were created on a Ubuntu-Version. I think I should try the v22-installation in Ubuntu in another folder ... that should work somehow but I didnt have time yet to figure out how ...
  3. Thank you all! @Boudica: I copied the replays/0.0.22 files from Ubuntu to the windows path User/documents//MyGames/0ad/replays/0.0.22. The replays are found, loaded to 90% but than it crashes ... error-message: ------------------------------- Much to our regret we must report the program has encountered an error. Please let us know at http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ and attach the crashlog.txt and crashlog.dmp files. Details: unhandled exception (Access violation writing 0x6D616F04) Location: unknown:0 (?) Call stack: 01F92E60 ------------------------------- ... I tried to install at different places as user, as admin ... but same error message came up. @Imarok: cool, there are all the releases for download! Didnt know that! Well, I can download 0ad-0.0.22-alpha-unix-data.tar.gz and unzip it ... but Its not just a Mod ! ... actually I have no Idea how to get it running. stanislas69: well, yes, I am pretty sure that it should work somehow in Ubuntu to use "multiple repositories´╗┐´╗┐ and compile them manually" ... the big question for me here is: Am I able to do that?? ;-) Right now I just dont know how to do it. I need to read about it ...
  4. I would love to watch my saved v22 (venustas) replays, but after updating to "Ken Wood" v23 I can not start them enymore. I am running it with Ubuntu. I installed v22 at windows partition but the versions seem not to be compatibel ... it crashed down when starting the Ubuntu-v22-replay. Is there any way to install both version simultaneously in Ubuntu? Or is it possible to install v22 as a v23-mod?
  5. @Lion.Kanzen: thanks for the response to 1) I wondered if it would be easyer to just delete the text from the factions webpage than implementing this feature. It is a kind of funny but not relevant for the game. But when I read it I'm going to search for it in in the game ... unsuccessfully. to 3) it was just an advice to mention/highlight this option in the new tutorial ... that newcomers are not frustrated to much. The AI plays very nice but is quite tough ... for me the "easy"-option just means "later".
  6. Hi! Thanks for the game! Playing it is a great pleasure for me! ... well, at least after watching a couple of videos how to survive first 15 min ... (Thanks Alekusu, sphyrth ... !!!) My questions/comments: 1) "cupturing" wild animals (e.g. gaia elephants) is not implemente yet, right? But it is written in the factions webpage, Mauryans civ profile ... !? 2) I would like to diskuss the might of siege rams. Is this already diskussed somewhere or is this here the right place? 3) I enjoy the game only at low speed ... 0.25-0.5x in the beginning, during game 0.75x ... maybe this is an importent suggestion for newbies? ( ... otherwise I end up in chaos, which might be characteristically for war scenarios, but I dont like it ...)
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