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  1. Okay one last question, will the game "let me know" theres a new update so ill know to download? or will i need to check the website every once in a while. Thanks for the replies!
  2. So that means i need to download the entire thing everytime a new update is out?
  3. Hello! I have a couple of questions. 1.How alive this game is? 2.Do devs still updating the game? Because i saw the last Alpha version is from May 3.When they update the game, there is a button to update the game files or need to download it all over again from the website? Thanks!
  4. If i will find the time i will, i really hope i will. And yeah i did, some quotes and tried to do as many categories as i can before i run out of time. i think hebrew now stands with 34%. Oh nice, many people. Good to hear that!
  5. Do you know how many hebrew translators are there? I tried to help as much as i could, i hope i did well. But i had to remove my account cause i just found out i won't have any time doing this any more :/ (Way too many things happening to me right now). darn.
  6. I am an idiot. My bad. Alright, i am in. So, i just join, going into my profile and start translating? I hope i will ahve the time to help! I just need to Translate and click "save"?
  7. Hello! Nice to meet you. For some reason, the page won't load. "403. Forbidden access".
  8. Thanks for the reply! Oh i get it now. Too bad i am bad at this. Lets hope someday hebrew will be added :/
  9. Alright, thanks. And who needs to add it. You should Make it? as i mean, mod it?
  10. Thanks for the reply! I lost you to be honest. way too many links and i am tired.
  11. Hello. Nice to meet you all. Never knew this game even exists. Saw it on youtube while looking for another RTS game to play. And it look real beautiful. So i said, why not. And here i am, downloading it. Good job for making this game and i hope you guys will do great and have fun while doing it. Also, a quick question. Will this game feature Hebrew language as well? Because i've seen that you guys have a few israeli guys on your team (know it by reading their names on the website page). Thank you all and have a nice day!
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