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  1. I don't think it does, no. That's all it says. Well, before that error message it says numbers, but they're never the same two numbers. Something like: "[900.000] javascript warning: script value conversion check failed v.isnumber (got type object)" But that number just keeps increasing so I bet that's nothing... It was 400.000 earlier
  2. Ah yes. Whenever I open it in the editor, or whenever I play singleplayer or multiplayer. I also have an older build of the map saved where it doesn't give any error messages. It happened when I reloaded the map in the editor I presume.
  3. Sorry, but what do you mean exactly? Reproduce what?
  4. Hey there, I made a map but it shows this error "javascript warning: script value conversion check failed v.isnumber (got type object)" It shows this error now both in the editor and in game, but the map itself plays as it should. Is there any way to fix it? Maybe just turn off error messages as the map works fine anyways? Regards
  5. Yeah, I suppose that's true. It's on a giant map with like 70% water though, I made the Mediterranean(lotta work, ugh : /) Well, thanks for your time friend ^^
  6. O..Oh. That's too bad, I worked so hard on the map : ( I'm not sure at which pace this game gets updated, do you think it'll be for anytime soon or not really?
  7. Oh okay, thank you! But I'm not really sure what I should do with it? Can this fix be implemented in my map? (Sorry for being stupid, haha) Oh I suppose I should read this first? http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/TracTickets
  8. trAC ticket, what are those? I'm sorry, I'm a noob
  9. Hey there, the problem is basically this: I made an ocean in my map by lowering terrain and raising the water level...now, however, when I move my camera over the ocean while playing... it plummets into the deep. I can't see my boats anymore because my camera focuses on the ocean floor, how do I fix this? Regards
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