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  1. Thinking it, I like the micromanagment, especially a AoK like. I remember when I played AoE for the first time I had to learn quickly to distribute the time between defense, exploring, and resource micromanagment. Talking of resource mircomanagment, How intense will be this in 0 A.D? like the early AoE games? or far less intensive like AoE III? (I barely remember if this question was solved in the FAQ, or maybe not) P.S.: "Inspired" in some way by the words of Scipii_Alemanus, I could do the Spanish translation. I already made some translations of some games, from scenarios to whole game translations like for AoE III and Blitzkrieg.
  2. Why? , Its a practical ability. You do not lose time handling the explorers through map, instead you use that time in making things more practical, like developing your economy.
  3. Gaulish Celt C1 Galaci Lucenses C2a Gigurri C2b Galaici Bracarenses C3 Cantabri Central Celt C4 Astures C5 Vaccei C6 Turmogi C7 Autrigoni et Caristi C8 Barduli C9 Berones Celtiberian C10 Pelendones C11 Lusones C12 Titi C13 Beli C14 Turboletae C15 Arevaci Other Celtic Dialects C16 Carpetani C17 Vettones C18 Celtici Baetici C19 Celtici C20 Turdetani (ant. Cinetes) C21 Galli Northern Iberian I1 Ceretani I2 Ilergetes et Suessetani I3 Lacetani I4 Austani et Indigetes I5 Lacetani et Cessetani I6 Ilercavones I7 Sedetani I8 Edetani Southern Iberian I9 Consetani I10 Oretani I11 Bastetani / Mastieni I12 Turduli / Turdetanos Colonization languages Semitic:P1 Phoenician-Punic Indoeuropean:G1 Greek Other languages B1 Proto-bereber This is the text that came with the original map. Altough this doesn't mention the lusitanian, one can infer (by the colors) that they had spoke a indoeuropean language, most probably influenced by the near celtic dialects. In Spanish, the sources for the cultures of Hispania aren't many, although there are very good sites about that. But, these sites are mainly focused in the celtiberian peoples, and not in the rest, like the controversial tartessos.
  4. Maybe this map will be helpful to understand the cultural divisions in Prerroman Iberia
  5. I have a question related the scouts, they will have the ability of automatic exploration?
  6. Oh great, this will be awesome. In RoN a group of legionaries, a troop that seems to be well armed and trained, was defeated in a frontal clash by a bunch of poorly armed and dressed slingers!
  7. Well but these "stupid" romans conquer big part of Europe, and considerable parts of Asia and Africa, and they gave us the base of our civilization, obviously along with the greeks
  8. I'd like to see some germanic tribes, like the teutons, or germanic-cross-celtic tribes like the ambrones or the cimbri, because they played a important role in roman history (after several roman defats against these peoples in the late second century BC and against the king Jugurtha in north Africa, Marius introduces his famous reforms)
  9. The units will have strengths and weaknesses in a format similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors? Or will be another type of system? like one based in the troops skill or in another thing?
  10. ah, well, when 0AD be released, I'll translate it into the spanish. And when i want to upload it, will be a special page like those in heavengames where you can upload all the things related to a game?
  11. It will be a spanish version of 0AD?, although i can understand the english very well, its uncomfortable have a game in another language that isn't your native language.
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