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  1. Dear Dev Team! We are a group of three students, from the University of Szeged, currently learning programming. This semester we have a course, called Software Engineering 2, in which we have a project work. We decided, to roll with the open source option, and wanted to contribute to you, if it is possible. ( I saw, that you welcome students with this cause, so i thought, why not give it a shot). I read the GettingStartedProgrammers part of the trac (with my skills, and knowledge), and we want to help with the #3610 ticket (http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3610), and the tickets listed in it's description, if it's possible (and we manage to make the #3610 work). I hope we can help with this, and i hope, we can achive something usefull for you. (We had a course about C, C++, Java, but not javascript, so it's a bit new to us, but we are ready to learn ) We dowloaded the sourcefiles already, but i'm not sure, if i have to do anything other right now, for this, so if i have to, please let me know. So, yeah, i'm waiting for response, i would be glad, if we could help with this, and hope to have a good time during the coming months. Thanks Béla Tóth ps: Sorry for mistakes, it was a long time, since i wrote something in english.
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