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  1. There's somebody offering at least two "copies" of 0 AD for trade; just thought you might want to know as it seems highly fishy, if not downright illegal. Of course, this might just be your secret "get into Beta free" idea; I don't know.
  2. I would definitely be interested in helping as much as I can (I'm pretty busy as is, but what time I can spare...)
  3. Oh, no - the thread has been invaded by kittens! Run for the hills!
  4. Je sais un peu de francais; s'il vous plait, je puis traduire 0 AD a Francais... (I know a little French; if it pleases you, I can translate 0 AD to French...) More specifically, I know French grammar well; which, when coupled with my (somewhat limited) vocabulary and a French-English dictionary, would allow me to translate almost anything.
  5. Aha! I was right! <oh, and... you're releasing MS Calc?>
  6. No - better yet, release a demo! (or my project will catch up and pass yours)
  7. I made it! Yay! (Although there wasn't much contest, really...)
  8. You've only got one OF each, really (except carth, and I made both of those)
  9. ...okay, new Carthaginian... and pet. I hope it counts... it's the only way I could think of to make it more recognizably carthaginian.
  10. What? Elephant ears? The official Hannibal (statue)
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