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  1. ohh i see smart move thanks for letting me know
  2. Hello just wanna ask this Any plans to release it on Steam as Early access?? it will get more publicity that it desperately needs or even get more donations for the development of the game or even get more Contributors to the game development? have you guys overlooked this yet? just a bit curious
  3. Hi this game really needs attention so more people would donate why cant this game Enter Early access in Steam ?? as of because this is free to play for everyone why not move there?? there are a lot of people on steam that would contribute to this game or fund it RTS is dying if 0 AD would show up on steam even as an early access this game have a potential to shine people on steam who likes to play RTS doesnt even know this game This game will have more popularity if it will be on steam
  4. Also if you guys will be creating a Campaign Map if This game Uses the Same technique as other Games eg. Rise of Nations ill be willing to help (if it functions like Risk)
  5. I saw an update from 0 AD i was so excited downloaded the game and then played it see if anybody is online tried multiplayer joined a game generaled 3 people vs 2 experienced players i become offensive defeated the first enemy my second enemy arrives to destroy my troops outnumbered but my soldiers are strong fought them until only archers left retreat back and forth game lags heavily fps dropped to 10 then i convinced my allies to counter attack on his base rather than sitting there and waiting caught the last enemy player in a pincer movement and then i got an error saying i got disconnected of some sort come on its my first battle online then i joined again then desync again game finished i didnt have a score darn after this pic i got desync multi is fun except lags this game have a potential i suggest putting this on steam as soon as the lag is fixed but darn i lost my first battle lol and its also hard to make a game what do i need to forward??? is my internet connection related to this desync??
  6. Alright i use 3dmax for modding in RON but if it cant be used in 0 AD ill get used to blender instead ill let you show some of my work to satisfy you guys ill send them in one package so it might take a while One Question if i you are satisfied with my texturing capabilities and not my modeling capabilities will i still get a chance to get on the art team?
  7. Great also i am still learning 3dmax is it ok i just use 3dmax 5 not the latest one
  8. Alright Thanks ill also show them my version of the Unit formation icon that i posted here a few months ago
  9. i really want to be involved in reskinning this game but sadly i messaged the wildfiregames contact email but still dont have any response i ve been Reskinning getting involved in some mods for quite some time now and i want to get on a job to work on got bored here
  10. HI i Find the box icon too boring so i decided to Make icons for it (its in a .tga format) Can you tell me how to Replace the original formation icon files?? i tried sending email to you guys but still ni reply so ill ask here
  11. hey guys since you still not done with naval battle animations may i ask if what will you guys do with naval warfare animations 1.will you guys make naval battles like normal RTS just ships firing arrows at each other 2.or you will add people in the ships Firing arrows and Boarding enemy ships 3.Will you guys make Ramming ability Much more realistic?? 4.is the Boarding action will be implemented on 0 AD?? anyway i know naval battles right now is kinda boring but its still in beta so understand
  12. thanks ill check them
  13. RedChaos


    also where can i find SVN ?? and whats the difference between alpha 16 and SVN??
  14. HI i am starting to think where is the artfiles?? because i will be making a Mod for Rise of nations extended edition but cant find the art files to see an example
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