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  1. I'm a frequent player of the 0 A.D. soundtrack as background music at work but upon downloading the songs from the zip-file here http://play0ad.com/media/music/, I found that the song called Cisalpine Gaul is suddenly cut off at 2:39 instead of ending at 2:59, like it does on bandcamp. https://play0ad.bandcamp.com/track/cisalpine-gaul Cisalpine Gaul from 0 A​.​D. Soundtrack by Omri LahavThanks for a great soundtrack. I just thought I'd mention this.
  2. I'll try edting the game resolution and see what happens. It does not seem to stretch in fullscreen but I'll try again tonight. There are some 20-30 cases of strings like: 0 A.D. in-game manual in the translation strings where it seems like the string prefix does dictate the font size in pixels or points. I'll try out appending the font-prefix to modify the other strings for fun and see what happens.
  3. Hi, all. Are there any methods I can use to modify the font sizes for various text around the game? Config files? It all looks very good on a 1280x1024 monitor but on my 1920x1080 laptop, each pixel is pretty small and some of the serif fonts are getting very hard to read (for my eyes, anyway). I realize that the buttons do not scale with different screen sizes and resolutions but the text on those is often quite short and easy to read anyway. My main problem are the longer texts in the introduction, in tooltips and historical reference texts. BTW: I'm really thrilled with participating the translation effort and I enjoy translating and researching the vast amounts of historical knowledge, learning something new every time.
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