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  1. Ah, I meant change the screen by scaling it from the corner of the program. D2 didn't do it either, it was a preset resolution. I think I came off a bit unclear.
  2. Well< I meant without any stretching of the graphics. Unless you mean you can change teh dimension without affect the content itself. I don't see how you can do that. I've never seen any game do that, cept D2 but you can't do it by hand, they have preset resolutions.
  3. ah, okies. Cuz the screenshots all seem to be in a form oof 4:3 or what I clicked on anyway. Cool then.
  4. Obviously the main part is, if this game will have widescreen support or will it just be standard? And Can you guys add a page for "features" which would list what you plan to do already and/or what you have done so we can get a clear knowledge of what you have thought as a possibility from our suggestions and your own thoughts.
  5. Some rigid walking and chopping trees 4 foot away... and no water motion, but other than that, it looks freaking phenomenal! It owul dbe nice to have battle formations like phalanx and stuff but I'm guessing people already suggested it.
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