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  1. Hey, It is true that creating a branch on SVN, especially now you're trying to release, could create other kind of problems. I've seen and followed the git mirror since some time now on Github, are there plans to move there as a main repo? Btw, if you happen to actually do that, you should avoid pushing the nightly builds there, since it will create a good amount of data overhead on git. From experience, big data that isn't required to run the game is usually better in another specific repo, or maybe to stay in SVN. Best regards,
  2. Hey there, congrats in advance for the next release! I've been following the work done and I find it impressive already. Now, that's funny. I'm sure you already thought about it, but isn't it possible to simply push to another branch instead of waiting a week or two? Especially on SVN, where conflicts can be harder to deal with AFAIK. Just pointing this out, in case it may help about earning some time and pain here. Best regards,
  3. Thanks for your both answers. Well, I didn't mean to put any pressure here, don't worry. I was just saying that letting those issues be post-poned from one release to another meant they aren't important for the given releases, and thus, shouldn't be part of it, to me. (Officially, at least.) Thanks for the precision. The fact is there is so much of them that it must be hard to grasp the ones to review for the dev team, or the ones related to their own work, IMHO. Cool news. I was wondering: How many sub-projects are you guys working on? From what we discussed, there is naval support, SpiderMonkey upgrade, and the new AI, but what are the other current point of focus? Best regards,
  4. Hi everyone, First of all, congrats for the awesome work done here. This is truly inspiring. Special congrats for the current SpiderMonkey upgrade and the new Petra AI. I've been following this project like a lot of other people I guess, especially looking at commit log on trac, for instance. And it's been some times I wanted to ask you something about the milestones there. For at least two or three alpha releases now, I keep seeing the ~100 same issues, post-poned from one release to another each time. Of course, a few gets solved, a few new appear, a few can't be solved without another one, but overall it's very hard to see what you guys are working on atm. Without even speaking about all the [PATCH] issues one can see there that seems to never get to merged into SVN for different reasons. I know this is a spare-time projects and all, but I wonder what makes all those issues stay on the latest milestone without anybody doing something for it, or whether they simply should move out of the current milestone so we can see the current development focus, if nobody is going to do so anyway? Maybe also are there several parallel milestones, like translation support, and the like? Maybe also is there a link I missed? Voila. Just wanted to put my two cents in there. Best regards,
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