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  1. Just noticed that some Ptolemaic phase 1 structures (houses, storehouses, farmsteads, corrals) cost nothing (except of time). This allows to promote to phase 2 very quickly. I know that Ptolemies aren't completed yet and there may be a reason for this, but maybe this was just missed out?
  2. By the way if players will be forced somehow to build farms far from CCs this practice could be replaced by building corrals there. Corrals do require micromanagement but will be as easily defendable as farms i guess.
  3. Is there a way to restore/change a mp password? Not sure i remember mine. I found the user.cfg file where it is stored in the encoded form. Does this mean that i will always be able to access my account without remembering the password as long as i keep this record in the cfg file?
  4. Hi all! First (as this is my 1st post here) thanks to everyone involved in the development of this great game. I am not normally a gamer but 0AD is a true pleasure. And my suggestion against infinite farming near СCs is the concept of land fertility (different areas of land have different levels of fertility determining harvesting speed). This is a bit similar to de-bonusing but is this case land quality is a "primary" factor. You don't normally build a CC or something on fertile lands if their amount is limited. Land could also lose its fertility near some types of buildings. Now we can farm on almost any flat land with equal success but on some maps (desert/snowy) this looks a bit strange. Making good lands more limited resource could also add more realism to these maps.
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