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  1. Yeah that's my line of thinking too; I can't predict whether the CLIPS or other rule-based system approach will be faster than the current one. But it's definately worth a shot and branching out into this direction. It's indeed fairly efficient when dealing with vast quantities of data; it has been employed in a variety of industrial uses, some of them real-time. In fact rules engines are not so much slowed down by the actual amount of facts and rules; it's the amount of partial matches that are generated by sub-optimal or poorly defined rules that kill them. I'll give you an example - let's s
  2. C++ would be nice; at least for me - it would mean that I would be able to call C tools/libraries such as CLIPS and FuzzyCLIPS almost directly. Well whatever you guys decide I guess. Keep the JS AI structure though as well for now I would say; for backwards compatibility. For what concerns gamestate duplication - I presume you mean converting C++ objects to another language (e.g. JS) and visa-versa? To a certain extent it may be unavoidable in my approach, even if you switch to C++; because rule-based engines often have their own specific representations of objects/facts. Well we'll see. One o
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I already had a look at that thread; and the AI source files too. Didn't look too deeply; the conversations seem to be hovering around enhancements to the aegis AI In terms of getting up to scratch; I think that I would be able to accomplish it quicker with a hands on approach - beggining from scratch on a new AI myself. From my brief 20-min overlook of the source; the AIs are written using a somewhat rule-based approach, albeit too procedurally for my tastes. The AI approach I want to try first is with a full rule-based approach, and a completely declerative style
  4. Hi guys, wanted to introduce myself; I love history, and I'm a Java programmer by trade, based in St. Petersburg, Russia. I did a joint-degree on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence; so I have some experience with AI-coding from back in my uni days; although mostly it was theory and reading - I still refresh my knowledge from time to time. Also gained some experience with rule/knowledge based systems at work (JBoss Drools & CLIPS/JESS); although what we have is not an expert system in the true sence of the word. Anyway; 0AD looks really promising and I would like to be a part of i
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