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  1. In the meantime AI supports diplomacy. But there is a strange behavior: If you are allied with an AI player directly at game start, the AI player will establish a trading route with you. So far so good. But when the AI player uses diplomacy and gets allied with you while the game is already in an advanced state then there will be no tradings routes with human player. The AI player will only trade between his own markets/docks. Curious, too: If you save the game and reload it, the AI player will begin to trade with you... This is not consistent. Thus I think that there must be a bug.
  2. I have a simple question: A group of women is able to move in an ordinary way (without any formation). Is there such a option for the other units, too? It looks very strange to me that dozen of units run backwards just because some units are further away.
  3. Enclosed you will find the savegame (zipped) and the commands.txt. I hope it is useful. commands.txt savegame-0039.zip
  4. Hi, I played with revision 13870 and an assertion failed. The "crashlog.txt" is attached. No other files appeared. crashlog.txt
  5. lars

    AI error

    Is the save game usefull for debugging? I attached it. savegame-0021.zip
  6. lars

    AI error

    No, only standard options. Yes, I have the latest drivers installed (version 307.45 19th november 2012). In the play there were no graphics problems. The error encountered in the same moment as the game has been won.
  7. lars

    AI error

    Sorry, but the crashlog.txt was already overwritten with a new one. There is no dmp file. @Lion.Kanzen: Thank you for your description about the game play but winning is not the problem. crashlog.txt
  8. lars

    AI error

    This can be definitely true. But, I never saw this behavior before. Normally the AI player does try to develop techs and after some time it has reached town phase. But in this game there was nothing.
  9. lars

    AI error

    Hi, I played with SVN revision 13807 a random map against one AI player (Athenian). This player has not reached town phase but nevertheless he was able to built defense towers, fortresses and even further civic centers. Another question: The AI player is able to train three units. Can this a "normal" player, too? I know only batch trainings with multiples of five. Later in the game (after I won) an assertion failed. I attached the output at this post. bug.txt
  10. lars

    Ticket #1914

    Hi, I am playing 0 A.D. for a couple of months and I found the ticket #1914. Currently I am using alpha 14 of the game and I can reproduce this problem. Supposed I have built a civic center next to a metal mine which is known by the AI player, too. My units are not able to gather metal because the AI player has already sent 24 units to gather it. This is very strange. My own units are standing directly in front of the mine and the AI player's units have to walk across the whole map but they will be favored by the game. Even if some of the AI player's units will be killed the algorithm is so fast that it is impossible for me to get a chance for mining. I would suggest that only units which are about to mine metal count for the limitation. Generally I think that these limitations should only affect the real working act. If one of the five workers from a field bring their ressources to a civic center, elephant or something else another worker should be able to gather, too. It is also strange that the units "forgot" their business. Why do they not begin to work automatically if one slot is free?
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