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  1. Hey guys haven't played the game in a while it just kind of got boring for me. Sorry for that. Thanks for the strategies. What bore me away was that even though I tried those strategies I stil didn't get very far same thing kept happening. However I tried the demo maps. I don't get the first one. The first one you are just soldiers with no way to make or create anything and i run to the other side kill all of their citizens that I can and then tried to take down the civ center or whatever it's called but i just get killed from the arrows lol. So I don't really see what's the point of that map unless im missing something. ehehe
  2. I don't see why it would have to be based on triggers. You can always set a specific path point for animals to travel to and from and what to do. It could also be random for them as well.
  3. Sounds like a good idea to me! That would make the game more interesting and challenging. It could also slow down the players on the other side as well. Depending on how the map is set up and if one or both sides are effected by the animals. hehe
  4. I seem to notice whether I play easy or medium I don't get far into the game before the enemy comes running to my side killing everything even if I set up a bunch of soldiers. I try in the beginning of the game to send soldiers to their side and they kill all my soldiers really quick. I can't seem to get enough resources as fast as the other player can or a big enough army as they can as well. It's seems like they are always over strengthed with more resources but i could be wrong. Any suggestions?
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