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  1. I was talking about it, excuse me for the misunderstanding.
  2. Anyway I see that there are improvements in this area. The best would be: use of the whole processor, CPU relaying graphics (not GPU) and of course optimised game engine which they are doing now.
  3. But we need to wait for the integrated cards a little. I hate this lagg!
  4. So, it was already requested? Sorry...
  5. I was thinking about for a option in the settlement that can call every civilian in to it when for example your town is attacked and you want to evacuate everyone. Of course when the enemy passes away or it's killed you will be able to unload them with it. Such option exists in Empire Earth for example (it's like a little bell).
  6. I had never try it on this PC but I was able to run Crysis demo for example on it (with little lagg of course, on low settings). I think that it should be able but anyway Im using my laptop for primary tasks.
  7. The good point about everything in this game is: when I started the singleplayer mode I already knew what to do! Very easy to use and good looking game indeed. But it's time for report: I had enabled the feedback option at first. At the menus the game and the laptop were fine. In the game my laptop started to getting hot and if I zoom out the game is starting to lagg a little. Usually there was little lagg. And I mean for the empty start place. Everything other seems to be working fine (except my broken mouse). My laptop specs are: 3 GB RAM, 2.2 GHz dual core processor and Intel GMA 4500M integrated video card (64MB) everything with the latest drivers running on Windows XP 32 bits. EDIT: Also what about 1GB RAM, 2 GHz single core processor and ATI Radeon 1200 video card (128MB) with Windows XP 32 bits? This are the specs of my good old PC.
  8. Thanks for the answers, Fexor. On the other hand Im developing too one RTS game called "Old Empires: Bare Bones" but it's different than the game here. Anyway I had finished the download & install procedures, now it's time to test the game, yeah...
  9. Hi, guys! Im new to this forum & this game but Im not new at all to this game genre. For the first time I saw 0 AD in Youtube before around 1 year when I was searching something about free games. It does not get my attention after all just because it was inearly alpha and I did'nt notice it's concept. Now I remembered that I had saw such a game and did a research again. This time I tried more in-depth look at this project and...wow this game will be one of my favorite games! I had played both Age of Mythology and Age of Empires 2, and I like them both. But I never tough that this game (it's idea) was based on them! The whole fact that it's free, open source, modable, new and developing is just amazing because I seeked for years to find such a game... Now Im still downloading it. I can't say anything more because I had not tried it still but I have questions of course: 1. I had saw that there were lagg problems but how the game will run with integrated video card (laptop)? 2. From where I can receive the latest game updates (not only the alpha versions) I saw some revisions? 3. How can I help if you need any help because Im not very good at some game developing aspects? 4. If I want to do such a stuff or just to mod the game what I must have? 5. Where I can find any incoming features or player suggestions to read? I wish good luck to all the developers around and thanks for reading this (and sorry for my English)!
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