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  1. Realization choice of faction gives an opportunity to reflect on the system of construction. So imagine for a second that the building - the flag, the usual flag. And if the menu is selected fraction of Gondor, instead of a flag appears Tower of Gondor. And your wonderful system objects props allows us to implement system upgrades walls without additional files as it was in bfme. But as far as I understood now no upgrades system in the game (I could be wrong) Yes, I understand. But we plan to do this for all the maps, without exception
  2. Yes, we are familiar with Ilves, and we know the dangers of closing our project, but we still want to do it because we love what we do. We have similar views on the system of construction with Ilves, and we have already agreed to support each other in this matter. We want to make the system of construction is very similar to the bfme1, but for the moment the fact that there is in the game, do not allow this, the game is open source, so we do (in theory) be able to implement it, but at the moment our team is not present person is able to do so. But we do not want to ask you to do this, we want to do it yourself. Although most likely your help will be very important for us. 1. Choice of race before the game. Currently cards have certain conditions to begin with, and on the maps already factions. I know in theory how to make a choice of races, but technically ... I'm still not familiar with this engine. 2. That selection factions before the start of the game will give an impetus to the development of the system construction, as the data points in the game is very related. And of course the aspects of the game such as: experience units, power points and many other we also want to keep oh, Sorry for my very bad english.
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