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  1. Hello, I'm trying to figure out why I can't get the game to start for me. The screen just goes blank when I click on the logo. I think that my general system requirements are fine, I have enough RAM, etc. I am using Windows 7 Starter if that is the problem? But I'm not really sure if my graphics card is good enough: I have DirectX11 Intel Graphics Media Acceleratore 3600 Series Main Driver: igdumd32.dll, Version: (the Intel website said it was up to date) Ttl Memory: 249MB Draw, 3D, & Texture Acceleration are all enabled. Also, it is a netbook that I am trying to run it on. Could it be that the game is just too powerful for a netbook? My apologies for not being the most computer savvy person! And thank you kindly if anyone can help me out...it would be a pity to uninstall the game if all I had to do was make a few small changes to play. Thanks!
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