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  1. I also have two cats who walk on the keyboards sometimes, they might also be involved.
  2. I was literally on the same team as the AI Thanks for catching that!! It looks all well and good now. Did not think to check for that since I usually never touch it.
  3. So I downloaded the Snap version of the game bc my distro doesn't have it available yet. I played one game where everything worked fine and now every new game I load gives me the victory screen on load. This makes the game useless.
  4. I opted to download the snap version until 24 is added to the repo (or just keep snap), thanks for the tip!
  5. I followed the instructions on your main page but Debian 10 won't update to version 24, it only sees v23. I made sure to update the repo before attempting to download but all I see is version 23. Am I missing something or is the game not yet available on Debian Buster?
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