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  1. Hey Aviv and Nadav! Here are some small pics from our meeting: You can find the rest of the pictures and the bigger versions here: https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink If you want the originals of some pictures, let me know. It was very nice meeting you! And not only because of 0 AD I Enjoyed it alot and I even saw some new stuff myself so that was pretty nice too Perhaps we should do this kind of stuff more in the future, I suppose 0 AD contributors are widely spread across the planet, so plenty of interesting places to visit Who knows, maybe il come visit you in Israel sometime!
  2. idd, Im fine with disabling crossfire as a workaround. Its just a matter of changing a radio button and apply the change, no reboot required. Next week il try to find some time to find out which Atlas version is causing it. Il let you know if I have any news!
  3. Thx for the replies and remarks. I disabled crossfire after reading them and now everything works perfectly So somehow thats causing it. If you need me to do any extra research or something let me know, I'l gladly help!
  4. Yep, Im on the latest Catalyst version (12.6). I did do a (simple) reinstall of the drivers and a reboot. But the issue persists. I don't seem to have any issues in other games or applications.
  5. Hello, Not sure if this has already been reported by someone else. I did a quick search but did find anything. Although I doubt Im the only one who has this problem. When starting the Atlast Scenario Editor (the SVN version) my graphics card seems to crash (and recovers itself afterwards). After that Atlas seems to be running but the 3d part of the editor doesn't show up. Also, as soon as I try to use any of the other menu's it stops responding. Im not quite sure since when this problem occurs. I do know that several months ago everything was working fine. Here's a more accurate description of events: I double click on the shortcut '0 A.D. Editor SVN' which points to 'D:\0ad\binaries\system\Atlas.bat' At first, nothing really happens, than my mouse pointer freezes for a few seconds. My screen turns black for a second or so After the screen is back again I see the following notification: Next, Atlas looks like this: After trying to use Atlas, it freezes which looks like this: Other programs which were running at the same time and use the GFX card also are unusable after this and have to be killed (3d modeling applications and photoshop for example). I already tried rebooting and such but the problem always occurs again in the exact same way. Some specs about my PC: Processor: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3200Mhz RAM: 16GB GFX: 2x AMD Radeon 6850 CrossFire OS: Windows 7 Professional 64 bit Im not sure if any logs are made during the above process and where I can find them. If you need any other info, let me know! The reason I want to use the Atlas scenario editor so badly is because I want to import and test the new Mauryan civic centre which im working on and is about to be finalized.
  6. Will this be ur first visit to Amsterdam and / or NL? I live pretty close to Amsterdam (in Utrecht, less than 30 min by train). I dont visit Amsterdam that often, but I do come there every now and than. Ofc there are plenty of things to see there. You migh like this website: http://www.iamsterda...n-GB/Experience if you havent seen it already. There you can find lots of information about visiting Amsterdam. Years ago I did a canal cruise in Amsterdam. Its pretty standard to do for tourists and though it may sound boring, I did like it a lot and its a great way to see the city. So I do recommend that. 2 weeks ago I visited 'Het Grachtenhuis' museum. Its still a very new museum and not so big. Its about how the city was constructed, how it developed and why it was build with all the canals and such. I really enjoyed it alot, also because all the information just comes right at you via sound and visuals. So if you'r interested in that kind of stuff I recommend that aswell. You can check out this website for more info: http://hetgrachtenhuis.nl/?lang=en. You can also order tickets there in advance (its a little cheaper) and if you dont wanna wait you can also book a timeslot there. Are you visiting Amsterdam alone or with friends? We could meet up sometime if you like (although we dont really know each other yet ). I myself will be in Switzerland from 16 - 21 of august. But perhaps after that we could meet up sometime.
  7. Not very long, I think around 15 minutes in both cases.
  8. Hello Me and a friend of mine were playing the new alpha 10 release of 0 A.D. last night. Unfortunately it crashed first on my friends pc and later on mine. We were playing different maps. But both times we were playing together versus the AI. For as far as we know we werent doing anything unusual at the time the crash occured. We also played alpha 9 several times but we didnt experience anything like this in that release. I have attached the logs of both crashes. I hope its usefull information! -Eggbird 0AD_Alpha10_crash1.zip 0AD_Alpha10_crash2.zip
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