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  1. Horses were used in warfare because they are great fighters even without a rider, giving the horse models a "stomp" animation (horses fight by stomping their front legs on the enemy) in combat and a proper canter animation during movement will improve the atmosphere of the game significantly. Minor request of sorts (I'm sure it's been mentioned by the team too), let's hear your thoughts on things.
  2. Coupled with the speeds associated with running or walking, I find the distinction detrimental to the game. Units look a bit silly when they walk around and sprint to keep in formation and move at jogging speeds while they walk. My favorite movement scheme was Age of Mythology: everything moved in a light jog (except some heroes and the citizens) so they always appeared attentive and ready but not too keen. On that note I would recommend scrapping the running/walking distinction and set every combat unit to a light jog (same speed as walking but a more appropriate animation) whenever things l
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