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  1. DarkAngelBGE: darn i'm glad to hear people still wanna learn assembler man! The only thing you need in order to learn it is this little(little?!yeah right...) bookie called "Art of Assembly" which is freely available in PDF format(legaly that is...) and some legal or illegal(assembler doesn't much care ) compiler like TASM,FASM,MASM,NASM Acumen: Ok i'll send something! Wijtmaker: Glad to see civilized people at last!!! I was kidnapped by some monkeys to some ape-planet sometime ago and they made all kind of weird experiments with me and it was horrible and..... Anyway,Thanks
  2. Come on people!!!! Some on vote for the best sounding "Loot" darn it!
  3. Well yeah i decided after all those 1.7 years to write something to you guys. I'm indeed very impressed with this game ever since i saw that screenshot with the boat in the ocean on the site before some time. I'm following the dev and i'm pretty happy with the results. I understood u're in need of a programmer. Can i know what must be done? Perhaps i can help a lil' with something. I myself am a programmer from 6 years and i do: C/C++ Pascal/Delphi Assembler(x86,Windows,a lil' Z80) Basic(Yyyyack....) Python have also great knowledge about the Win32 platforms,OpenGL and some DirectX too(DirectInput,DirectDraw learning Direct3D). I want to underline that i won't be able to concentrate completely on that since i go to school and do my own engine but i'll contibute to 0 A.D. with whatever possible. Cheers!
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