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  1. well here is the error from trying to build with 4.2... checking whether the C compiler (gcc-4.2 ) works... no configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables. ERROR: SpiderMonkey build failed So looks to me that it is gcc-4.2? but i've tried switching to 4.3 and I still can't figure it out...I do what that link says, i do cd /usr/sbin then sudo gcc_select mpp-gcc43 like the instructions say to do, and i still get this admins-MacBook-Pro:sbin admin$ sudo gcc_select mpp-gcc43 Password: sudo: gcc_select: command not found any ideas now?
  2. Tried it out on OSX 10.7, no luck...put the file in the 3 folders you said then tried running it, and it opened a blank window, then crashed...is the error report helpful? not sure which part to post if it is..it's huge compared to the ones in the last page.
  3. Hey, I am having troubles with building the game on Mac OSX Lion...I've gotten through all the instructions then started to build and it failed so I tried building with gcc 4.3, but when I try to select it using gcc_select ( yes I installed that too) it says that gcc_select command not found, any idea how to fix this?
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