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    Tactical shooters, RTS war games and writing about my interests :)

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  1. Adding the "Add +1" button to WFG pages would help those sites stand out a little more and let people recommend the games on Google Search and share it on Google+. To get the code for it click here.
  2. One ad service I know that offers some control is Google AdSense. It tries to display ads relevant to the category of this site. It does that by allowing you to manually review the site ads and block ads that are not relevant to your site content. There are other ad services that are just as good or even better. Also I don't think people would be offended and not play because of something they chose to enable.
  3. To help development I propose having an option where you can "Opt-in" to have ads on main site, forums, and while the game loads. This way more people can support development. Just to be clear, if there's something you have to opt-in to receive, by default it is DISABLED. Devs feel free to vote
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