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  1. I think I will give MonoDevelop a try. The VisualStudio style looks clean and usable. I have to use eclipse JDT for work and developed a love-hate relationship with it. Its kind of nice in terms of quick fix etc but the bugs and the loading times are just awful. Thank you for your input.
  2. I'm interested in starting development on this project but I couldn't find a list of implemented features on this site, so I might be missing something here. I'm interested in implementing a ferry system and some other tactical movements like coordinated attacks which could be found in Supreme Commander and which in my opinion no RTS should miss. Here is an example of the ferry system: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=S3x-grObOXM I couldn't find a good video of the coordinated attack but it basically means you set attack waypoints for your units/groups which ensure that all units arrive at exactly the same time and wait for artillery to set up before launching the actual attack. On a second note, what kind of IDE is commonly in use with the developers here? I'm experienced with using vim but I mainly wrote C code in the past so there might be a better choice here. *edit* I forgot. Linux IDE. I don't intend to use Windows for developing.
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