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  1. Hello! Here's some updates!! I haven't been really active on computer for while, because i have been ill. Well, now i have done a little bit further the Siege Tower, and i have a question! I have maded it to look like the middlest picture which Wijitmaker gave to me. But now I suppost to do the wheels. Other pictures has 3 wheels under it, but in game it would look kind of UFO? Im not sure, so im asking, should i do more tiers than just 3 or not? By the way, enyone to do textures for it ? -OptionalModifier
  2. Very nice pictures of Siege Ram. I Could make a model for that at weekend, because I have some time, but i would need some textures for it Ill actually start doing the model right now Looking forward to Alpha 7! -OptionalModifier
  3. Thank you for welcoming me! I readed the topic where you gave me the link. It was very usefull! But i think im not ready to do "Application Form" Because i dont have really that 10 hours a week just yet, and I could learn a bit more about UV-Mapping. But i think ill send Application Form in near future, so I can give my part in making such a great RTS game. -OptionalModifier Ill stay in touch with forums
  4. Hello, im a 3d modeller. I have really enjoyed playing 0 A.D and now im looking forward to help doing it. So i am a 3d modeller, im not pro or enuthing, but i think i can texture and model stuff which is given for me to do I DO NOT draw my own textures or enything. I use blender to make 3d. Eny tasks for me to do? I would like to start from small things, so i understand better what to do! If someone needs something like.. WW2 bunker for moding 0 A.D I am available to do -OptionalModifier
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