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  1. We are actually considering moving the AI to C++ because of how badly it performs in JS. It would save us a lot of time in the long run if we started working on a new AI in pure C++ instead of expanding the JS AI. It would also solve any limitations of JS and the duplication of game state (it's a major slowdown having full gamestate duplication from C++ to JS).

    Would it be possible to consider supporting Lua for scripting AI ? I understand that Lua is already used in the build system.

    Lua is almost comparable to c++ in speed and used in commercial games for scripting.

    Supporting AI via scripting has the additional benefit that it can be downloaded as mods. Restricting it to c++ might make things difficult for modding the AI...

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  2. I have been itching to start contributing to 0 AD for a long time. But, since my current job is more C# (.net/mono) oriented, my C++ skills have considerably rusted. I have been postponing brushing up C++ before I can start contributing - but that time never occurred!!!

    But, since this is a new external program, I can code this in C#(using mono so that it is cross platform) if the Team is ok with it. Since we are dealing with plain text files, it would be technology-agnostic and if needed, nothing prevents us from re-coding this program in C++ in future, while keeping rest of the files intact. Atleast, this would be pave way for me to start contributing immediately.

    I am eager to know what the Team thinks about my idea, so that I can start ;-)

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  3. Could we use "Visha Kanya" for the name of the Maiden Guard for now until/unless we find something better?

    Visha means poison

    Kanya means maidan

    So, I don't think that we can use "visha Kanya" for maiden guard!

    Maybe we can use something like "Raksha Kanya" as Raksha means protection...

  4. I've tried to "look into it" before but lack the skills of implementing it. It should be noted there is significant opposition to this idea :(

    The main reason I recall is that the game is now built around Spidermonkey.

    i dont recall any opposition :yes3: Devs were just saying that it was a little difficult and some amount of work to replace the spidermonkey engine interfacing...

  5. For my part I find the white paint texture not so adapted to the temple, too simple and too "dirty".

    I think the temple is a good occasion to have beautifully painted walls with figures, symbols, colors, etc. As someone said, the shield artworks by Lion.Kanzen could serve as a basis for patterns and color samples.

    good idea. I too think that the white paint should be replaced with walls painted with figures....

    Usually, temples are the best places where craftsmen show their dedication to their art and to god.

    So, make the temple walls more decorative, please...

  6. For ambient: what about have the global as an "automatic" ambient sound and then make it possible for scenario designers/map makers to place ambient emitter object in Atlas/RMS scripts? (If it's not too much work it could of course be nice to have some more general desert/ocean/forest/corrals/etc ambient sounds, but I think the priority should be: global-->placeable-->"automatic" :) )

    I like this idea!

  7. 1) Palace walls and temple walls were painted :


    {{ Indian Paintings can be broadly classified as murals and miniatures. Murals are large works executed on the walls of solid structures, as in the Ajanta Caves and the Kailashnath temple. "http://en.wikipedia....Indian_painting"

    Yes, numerous paintings adorned india in ancient times. But, considering the time period of mauryans in 0 AD Part I (which is about 500 BC to 1 BC), But, I am not able to find any architectural references about paintings on palace and temple walls during that period...

    Ajanta caves cover the later period from 2 BC to 600 AD). So, I am not sure whether we should consider them in this context... Even if they are taken into account, i think they should be considered as a special building and not as indicative of temple or palace walls....

    2) Mauryan period marks the transition from using wood to stone:

    yes wikipedia history says that "Mauryan period marks the transition from using wood to stone: "

    What about the lothal city architect which 2000 year older the mauryans:

    Yes, Lothal boasts the Indus Valley Civilization's use of mud-bricks. But, i think that here we should consider only the architecture found about the mauryan period...

    If we can get something from the journals of Megasthenes, i think we would be more clear on this aspect...

  8. Question: Would any of these reliefs have been painted? (like the Greeks and Romans painted their sculpture)

    I don't think the palace walls and temple walls were painted with paintings, but the walls were polished very much. As can be seen from here the art of polishing was very developed and the buildings were more intricate in design.

    Mauryan period marks the transition from using wood to stone. Thats why I think that paintings are not used much...

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