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  1. Hi Mythos_Ruler, thank you for your hint, I honastly forgot, that there needs to be space for ressources. Well, in this case I think the Interface would be to overloaded.So just forget this Idea Milchbubi
  2. Hi Kimball, Thank you for your answer, here is a quick impression how the thing with the stats could look like ( i am not very familiar with gimp but i hope it's ok to show the general idea) Milchbubi
  3. I Wildfire games and 0 A.D. Community. I'm really impressed by your game and I like it very much. I have now played same games and I have some Ideas for the game. Graphics - Could you make the Chickens bigger ( I think they are to small, and when I was on top view I first didn't see them) Hotkeys: - Hotkeys would make the Gameplay much more handy( I dont' know if this is very difficult to do ) - I have played serveral Strategy games and the best way (for me) to make hotskey was to to allign it to the keyboard ========= |Q |W |E |R | ========= |A |S |D |F | ========= |Y |X |C |V | ========= Interface: - I would divide the buildings into two groups 1 group for civil building and one for the military buildings - It would also be better ,when you would put the stats of a unit( attak, armor) directly besides the unit portait, so you can quick see them and the player doesn't has to go with the cursor over the Symbol - Another thing is, that you can make the Interface transparent if the cursor is not over the interface. - You could add some unit command buttons like STOP, Walk, Hold Position or Attack Other Things: - I don't know if this is a Bug but if the player has a Unit selected and gives the unit a command, there is a small delay so 1 sec, before the Unit moves - Placing walls is in my opinion not very precize and the rotation with mousemovement is not very handy, so I would rotate the walls with the mouse wheele. I also couldnt make it to close a canyon( do you know what I mean I don't know the right word) with walls , so that no enemies could go through. So to solve this you could make a Grid which is all over the map and you could define(is this correct?) where units can go and buildings can be placed and where not. - You can not make a waypoint from the towncenter on a ressource - the vision of the Units is to far - Why can the troops also build buildings? I would like it when only the workers could build buildings That's my feedback so far. I'm open for discussions Milchbubi
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