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  1. Guys, did you ever do anything with this? Built a studio and all that
  2. Um, guys http://linuxgamecast...lus-first-look/ I did not update Yukon for fun Complete total FOSS double tool chain. Granted I figure you have the video covered. Sorry guys, wrong friggin thread
  3. No problem and glad to be of use. Wish I knew you were using Audacity, could have sent the (long deleted) *.aup files. Cheers, Venn P.S. If there is anything else I can help with in the future scream at venn@linuxgamecast.com
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_Lossless_Audio_Codec It should be good
  5. Well, here they be. http://linuxgamecast.com/0adaudio/clips/ Each line /w/ multiple takes. Hope you can stitch something together from it. Cheers, Venn
  6. Understood. Will have something worked out by this weekend. Proud engineering dropout EDIT Quick question! Started the repeat until memorized (first line X4 sample) process and noted... 0 G.D. idea how to pace it. Yes, bad pun is bad What's the time frame (pace) for this critter? Cheers, Venn
  7. Just received the message on YouTube. I would be glad to record the lines for the trailer. I will not be able to do this tonight (it's a bit late) but could have something posted by Wed afternoon if that works? @Quacker Tech, but I cheer for the Bulldogs Venn L.G.C.
  8. If you want (really really) I will help out I would be up for a US trailer / international. Cheers, Venn
  9. I'm working on the Red Eclipse trailer right now but I would like to help out. Send me a note. Venn, LinuxGameCast (L.G.C.)
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