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  1. I'm starting to finally get this project off the ground a bit (the Norse Wars remake as a standalone game). I'm considering building off the 0AD engine since it's the closest thing to the original AOM/AOE but would like to work with the 0AD team on this. I've put together a pretty decent budget to get this done and would be happy to have its success feed back into the development of 0AD if things work out. Who can I talk to at 0AD to discuss? I've been pinging the contact email on the site but can't seem to get a response.
  2. No it's not like Desert Strike. I think the closest game would be MOBA (DotA) but with armies... Kind of like RPG (which would be analogous to DotA here) vs RTS (Norse Wars). I'll try to dig up the CDs again to get a few videos of the gameplay. Edit: Here's a quick video. Unfortunately we never put together an AI, so the default one doesn't really know how to select or upgrade units:
  3. Just want to start off by making clear I don't mean to pull time away from 0AD (if this does at all), as I'm greatly looking forward to the game developed here. At the same time, there hasn't been quite any game like Norse Wars (from AOM) or Fort Wars (from AOE3) that I've seen so far, so I just want to open the discussion on it. I'm curious if anyone would be interested and has ideas on how to bring it back, either as a stand-alone game or maybe as a mod/mode/fork on top of 0AD. I'm seeing how some other RTS subgames like DoTA have been made into stand-alone games now (DoTA2, LoL...), and it doesn't seem that much a stretch that another popular subgenre like Norse Wars could lead to its own game. For those unfamiliar, there is some rough documentation here on how to play: http://www.pftq.com/fortwars/howplay.php Norse Wars (originally by Matei) is IMO the ideal version to model after, especially with the ability for god powers and such (which unfortunately were not easy to replicate in AOE3). I've been out of the game development scene a bit too long (just graduated college lol), so I don't know how something like this would start. Just hoping to bounce ideas and gauge interest for now. The reason I post this here is the communities at Heavengames are largely inactive now; am not sure where else modders/designers for RTS games are still active.
  4. Same here - just want to say my congrats. It's come a long way... almost 5 years since I last checked the progress on this game.
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