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  1. Hey Michael, I would be willing to design environmental objects I already posted another app, not including my info because it was is re-post. I spend an average of 3 hours in front of Max everyday and wouldn't mind to design some rock formations and shrubs.
  2. Kimball, you never seem to respond to messages...

  3. These is a glimpse of one of the many ideas I have, this one is for buildings and training queues. ----- One thing you could do is animate the training of units inside of buildings <<< very cool. Secondly, if possible, when its done training it it could walk out of the building exit, to the nearest gather point. ----- If you choose to train an archer, an archer or three will appear in the archery range and start practicing shooting at targets. Once it's done training, the unit could walk out from the exit and to the nearest gather point. With a blacksmith, you see and actual blacksmith come out of the hut and start working on a piece of metal. OR, you could stick with your current method: units pop-up around the building when done training, like in every other RTS. The only challenge I see here is the scale of buildings and units. If actual unit size is maintained through training process, then you might need bigger buildings for them to train\walk around in (which to leads to my other idea which I will discuss later). On the other hand you could scale down the units, keeping original buildings, in which case the "walk-out" spawning method may not work.
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