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Late bronze age - Mycenean landscape

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The map with screenshot:


Yellow (Persian faction): Mycene. 

Red (Persian faction): Rebel Wanax

I used persian for decipt Mycenean people because they have a similar building, they use war chariot, and if you want to play a realistic Mycenean faction you don't have to use Elephant and horses exept chariots

Light blue (Iberian): Sea People

I use Iberian because they are perfect for drawing a raider and barbarian faction

Orange (Briton): Doric Invaders

I chose Briton for Doric because they use war chariot and their building are barbaric like. Doric was an Hellenic people like mycenean but more wild and they don't create a strong palace state.

Also if you want to play a realistic late bronze age warfar you dont' have to use siege units, but this may be only a multiplayer/roleplay rule. I hope that you will like this map!

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