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Armour computations

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On 1/18/2020 at 12:34 PM, av93 said:

Just showing randomly to say that would be cool that the engine could support both armour calculation designs (not at the same time). But maybe is a hella work (classical AoE armour and exponential levels)

Let's assume unit A has an attack which inflicts 3 damage in 1 second, and unit B has an attack which inflicts 15 damage in 5 seconds. In 0 A.D. both attacks are equivalent, regardless of the target.

That's not the case in the Age of Empires, however: against a target with 2 armour, A would inflict 60/1×(3-2)=60 damage per minute, B 60/5×(15-2)=156 damage per minute. Why would anyone want to have such a system?

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