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Modding tools combined==Releases

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Here i will keep all the mod tools updated there will be a seperate form for requests/bugs

​Important information

WFG will not embrace my modding tools if i keep it closed source

but I have decided to keep it closed source for now to keep the control

of the current movement/progress in my own hands, maybe when I complete

the editor then i will move it to Open Source, but for now my program stays Closed


Mute Lovestone

Current Release: git)

Planned Release:

Update Plans


-create form for json/civ files({civ}.json only atm)

-civ.json creator planned

-Write File listing file in binary for less size

-create both json and .civ files using binary(binary for quick loading, json for the game)

-convert premade json files to the .civ files

-package and release

Things completed as of today(4/30/14)

-ReadMe Gen Added

-File Listing tool Added

-(partialy) {civ}.json

A preview can be found on the Realms-Of-Magic github website


Current Preview image


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I saw the dependencies tab (and all the others). So that really is a good tool for those who don' want to use a text editor to create a Mod-Info-File.

You are a bit ahead of our time as we don't yet have the Mod Downloader but it's never bad to start early. And in the meantime the output can be used as README.

And the Civ-Generator and Mod Editor is never bad if our Researchers & others are used to GUIs and local programs.

Looking forward to the new giant toolkit. Never expected something like this to come to life. Also we should try to include your Water mod in our Mod-Packs/Projects. Let's see where we can use it.

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We've lost control of our git repositories. That's an obstacle and creates uncertainties. We're a bit floating in this regard. I think, Niek is right, we should create another Organisation.

My personal favourite is to ask Romulus to hand it over to a neutral owner e.g. 0AD. But this is unlikely. In the meantime we should opt for a intermediate solution. Best we quickly approve it in a Councilors' meeting forest.

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It's fine. Until mine is working I will keep it out of our repositories too. (so also closed source)

Once I get around integrating it completely into Atlas/Pyrogenesis there will pop-up a patch and it's open source from then on. It's simply not sharable in the current condition. It's a tool for modding and for 0AD if they needed it. It's about attracting new modders and developers. and for organisational purposes.

Working on the current tools may be necessary but it's rather not so nice and also very low priority because me personally I'm intested in new features and content for 0AD. I wish to settle worlds that take the most fantastic features from the real world.

And weather is surely one of it.

Like is seasons.

Without it, I will never be able to enjoy 0AD and better avoid playing it if I don't play it with my little companions (little sisters/brothers and their friends) who not yet have lost their adventurism and enthusiuasm. (I'm also open for our council's monthly 0AD session of course.)

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