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Halo all,

I'm from Indonesia, and I run a small computer shop for a living.

I'm very interested in 0 AD for its stunning graphics and realistic unit ability.

As a civ and freeciv addict, I just hope future releases of this game can include Asian kingdoms and tech tree too.

I hope to contribute some suggestions on gameplay experience.

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yeah we talk that in the past, the fans wants more civs, including India and China, and we must persuide to the team may be the work in a third part like Asians Dynasties (AoE III) and other features.

One stable version of 0 AD, and I strongly believe the rest can be handled by modders and fans as long as a civilization builder pack is available:

  • Map Editor
  • Unit Editor
  • Building Editor
  • Audio Editor

Then the team can pick from several mods/civs created by modders/fans to be incorporated in future release.

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