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RMS/AI designer/API developer application - Florian Finke

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Position: RMS designer, AI developer, API developer (RMS, AI and balance testing)

Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free?

Yes, that's why I'm here

Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license?

Yes, and I'm loving it!


Florian Finke


Please ask me in a personal conversation

MSN Messenger:



Köln (cologne), germany


20 hours per week at least for the next 4 months, likely until the game leaves beta though perhaps less hours per week later on




Self-employed as private tutor (maths, physics, chemistry) and web-developer

Skills and Experience:

RTS gaming: I play and love RTS games in general and got vast experience with balancing, micro/macro management, tactics and strategies

RTS modding: I wrote mods for warcraft III (example: in-game random map generator and maps with in game race choice with all races supported by own AIs) and glest. I designed maps for nearly every game I played


- Wrote a acquisition system for a multi-channel-analyzer developed at the institute for nuclear physics at the "Universität zu Köln" in python

- Developed a game where the player writes bots in python and let them play rock-paper-scissors against each other in python with bot API and GUI in QT

- The bots included neuronal network simulation, collective decisions by elections and other fancy stuff ^^

- Wrote an easy to use HTML-page-generator for simple web pages

- Made the wall_builder.js rmgen library for 0ad allrdy in svn.

- Made the deep_forest RMS for 0ad (Not finished)


I love open source, coding, RTS, creative common... how could I NOT come here???


Socially clumsy but intelligent and "try to be objective", cooperative and forgiving but hard-hearted when it comes to the point and I never grew up in some ways... and I'm proud of it!

Though it's a second sentence I think I'd mention that Spahbod described my maps/code as I am: "very odd"

Short Essay:

I searched for open source RTS games and found this massively above-average game in that area

As said before, I have no choice but to love it and try to contribute to it ^^

I seek for the possibility to write code that is actually used, to put my work on something that is greater then any project I could possible do on my own, I seek to help making this game better than any based (slow-paced) strategy game after 'Age of Empire II - The Conquerers' (IMO the best, good new fast paced RTS are out there)

Interests and Hobbies:

I'm mainly interested in very general stuff like physics (methods and interpretation), philosophy (ontology), mathematics (countable and other infinite) and politics (human rights, enduring system stability). See more details in my profile.

I'm also playing pen and paper roll playing games ('World of Darkness - Werewolf - The Forsaken' at the moment)

My most loved PnP RPGs are Deadlands, World of Darkness - Magus - The Awakening and Earthdown.


I don't get this part, it's optional anyways


None very frequently, only 0ad

Favorite Game:

Warcraft III(Blizzard), Age of Empires - The Conquerers(Microsoft Games),Diablo II(Blizzard), Warzone 2100(Now Open Source), Sacrifice(Shiny Entertainment), Starcraft(Blizzard), Total Annihilation(Now Open Cource), Glest(Open Source), Globulation(Open Source), Gothic(Piranha Bites) , Bos Wars(Open Source) generally in that order

Work Examples:

Most things are german, sry.

Some old stuff including an old version of ssp (Stone-Scissors-Paper (more commonly known as Rock-Scissors-Paper, I know... now)) can be found on my old web side (hosted on my server right next to me ^^)

In the HTML section the page generator written in python can be seen (it's an old version too.)

A newer version made this page

If you are interested in any new code please let me know and I'll provide it.

My wall_builder.js rmgen library is already in your svn

My Deep Forest map can be found here

Some of my remaining Warcraft III maps can be found here (lost many by headcrash)

'The Forgotten' for example allows in-game selection of race and all non-default races are supported by self written AIs (Though that's much easier in WC3 than in 0ad)

The multi-channel-analyser acquisition system WMCA for nuclear physics (Only some pics due to copyright):



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