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Units heading opposite direction when move order given

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FeXoR    376

When a move order is given to an army (e.g. to retreat) and some (well, OK, at least about 1/4th of the army size) units are located in the opposite direction (related to the main part of the army) of the given point to move, the units of the main army heads the "wrong" direction.

I don't think that this is a bug, but it's at least annoying.

It could be easily solved by adding a "no formation" formation, that gives the order given to an army to each unit of the army instead.

This would be really nice...

More in the sense of the game, perhaps, would be this behavior:

- All units stop. (Or get a mark that they have not been given the order right now)

- Determine the length of the shortest path for all units in the formation. From now on "closest" means the shortest length of this path.

- The "closest" unit "walks" the above determined path towards the point of the given order.

- The next "closest" unit "runs" towards the point of order (until it is as close as the "closest" unit) if the point is closer then the next walking unit of it's formation. Otherwise it "runs" towards the next "walking" unit of it's formation.

...and so on.

This may result in an army split into 2 or 3 until they reach the destination but no unit would have to travel a "much" longer way then needed and no unit moves the "wrong" direction.

THX for your gorgeous game

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FeXoR    376

OK, I thought so, just wanted to tell.

Because, as it is now, a repeated given "go to" order will not get an army anywhere but only drags them together.

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