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Okay, So I wasn't sure rather or not I should create this since my last topic got troll'd

But Since I care about this game, I'm going to make it anyways..

Here I will list the multiple encounters of problems I have in-game (and possible fixes for them, but probably not.)


First on the list, which some basic searching in the forums you can find the answers;

  • In-Game LAG -

As stated by 'shnbwmn'
The game engine is being optimized with every alpha update. It's a known issue that once there are many players/buildings the game lags, but expect the performance to be enhanced in future releases.
And just to clear it up with the Island Maps.. (same thread, yes, I know..)

Island maps should not be considered implemented at this point, not only doesn't the AI understand naval combat/the concept of islands yet, but we need yet to implement special pathfinding for ships. In other words: we're aware of the issues and intend to fix them :)
Also, more than one AI is probably not recommended at this point I'm afraid. At least not on larger maps.
-Steps Taken to help Prevent LAG in Alpha XIII by the Common USER

  1. First off, Don't Play Islands, Simple as that, Do a full land map with no oceans or water of any kind for now :)
  2. Try sticking to just ONE AI such as the Jbot (As discussed in the thread that some of the posts are quoted from, the Jbot apparently seems to lag less, I feel like it lags less as well.)
  3. Don't play with the map explored, Seeing everything causes a rather large slowdown, its best to keep it nice and dark, what you see is what you get. ( NO this will not cause all the lag to go away! but it helps! )
  4. Try using small maps, you don't have to have the map GIANT to enjoy it..
  5. The more time consuming you make the game, the more your going to lag, the more units you have, the more lag it creates, same with various bots having lots of units. (kill them, and your lag decreases :) )

(If there is more that I can add, please inform me, and I will! )


  • Random AI Failure errors keep appearing? [Error Message reads as following; Warning: Javascript warning:Simulation/ai/common-api/utils.js (Lines 3, 4, and 104) ]

These are because you have your map fully exposed or because your playing ISLANDS ( I haven't really gotten around to narrowing it down to which it is yet.. I will edit this when I figure it out..)


  • Random Sound missing errors keep appearing?

Try Uninstalling, then re-installing, I was previously experiencing these problems, and I did the basic steps of Uninstall the game, Wait.. Re-install the game.. Wait.. Play :) and it just so happened to fix its self [if other reasons for this error are known, please let me know so i can Update this :) ]

<(^.^)^(>^.^)> ~ More to come ~ <(^.^<)^(^.^)>

Edited by Kazu Kun

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