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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm one of the organizers of Sunday Pro Games event. We noticed that if we organise well and reach the willing people who want to contribute to the game, we can help to improve 0ad community in many ways. We're currently working on one event and it's growing day by day. We're trying to find people who have a profession/skill and want to contribute to the community. Because of our organisation structure, we're making easier to contribute with small efforts. Currently, we're looking for someone who loves or someone who has skills in content writing/copywriting for Sunday Pro Games event. We believe this is an opportunity to grow/change/enrich the community. Expectations from the content writer/copywriter: Someone who loves writing, has good communication skills. In Progress: We are currently working on some posters, infographics, motion graphics, advertisements. So we need someone who can turn the ideas into the words. If you're interested or if you know someone who might be interested please reply to this topic. Have a great day!
  2. The League Fixture has been UPDATED: check the latest post. Hi all, We are working on Sunday Pro Games League Fixture. We came with some ideas. This is a controversial subject, so we would like to find a basic solution for the event. Currently, the league fixture is something like this: How did we come to these results? -If you are in the winning team you get 2 points. Otherwise, you got 1 point. -We divide 3 points between the players according to their KD, Military Score, and Kill counts. -Players can get a penalty(a yellow card) if they broke no dance, no wonder rule. 2 Yellow cards = 1 Red Card. The players who have a Red Card will be banned for the next match. For example, let's look at @JC (naval supremacist)'s score. He was in the losing team so he gets 1 point from the team game. He has 1.2 KD ratio. So, we look at total KD ratio: 7.86. If you divide 1.2/7.86 you get 0.15... points. Then military score. He has 4492 and the total military is 34511. If you divide 4492/34511 you get 0.13... Then Kill counts are involved. He has 405 kills and total kills are 2861. If you divide 405/2861 you get 0.14... points. If you sum up all the points, JC gets 0.42 Skill Points. And he has 1 point which is coming from the losing team. So 1 + 0.42 equals 1.42 points. Let me know what you think. Cheers,
  3. We're currently developing an event called Sunday Pro Games and we're very curious about your opinions so far. Tell us what you think about the event, share your ideas, how can we be better?
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