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  1. Right, this information already gave me a lot of leads how I can investigate this further. However I am quite curious about how Javascript and C++ communicate? And why was chosen for these 2 languages? Well I understand C++ for the performance part. But Javascript is a surprise to me. Isn't that only for web? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I've got a couple of questions and I'm not getting the right results searching for it. I found one thing which is a blog about the development of a game called banished. I'm trying to teach myself how to program and well I'm really new to this. One example of a question I have is that when I look at the repository on github, all these different languages are used. How do they all work together? I mean it's "one" game in the end. Somehow they blend into eachother. Or are used in different ways. Also, I'm interested in how you got to make it multiplayer. I came across a reddit topic in which was said that one person was working on sharing how to do it, but that there are no good resources on how to make a game multiplayer. One book all in all which was very vague about it apparently. But you manage to pull it off. The part where I got stranded was a small game through pygame and wanting to make that multiplayer. But I came to the conclusion that apparently it was impossible. Even though things like PodSixNet seem to exist, they seem to kind of mimic it. Not actually pulling it off completely which in my mind is 2 different PC's connecting together. And where does all the art go? Yeah well I've got some more but I'm kind of intimidated by the repository and kind of hesistant to try and look on my own. I'm also surprised that I haven't found related questions like this at all. All very technical and such but not "the big ones" lol. I think this is really a great game to try and want to learn from, or maybe correct me if I'm wrong. I figure if it is open source there aren't any company secrets or technologies that remain unshared, that's what I thought at least.
  3. I'm running Ubuntu Mate. And the updater that's installed here says it's all up to date.
  4. Ok so I just installed this game and the first thing I notice is a question whether I would like to send anonymous feedback. Which I'm glad to do. However then it says Status: upload failed (301) and that small window doesn't close. So before I start sending feedback this probably should be working.
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